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Sports Eye Safety

For USA only : April is Sports Eye Safety Month

For US & Canada: As the spring arrives, along with a greater opportunity to participate in outdoor sports, comes an increase in the danger of sports related eye injuries. Each year, many children and adults suffer sports-related eye injuries that could easily be avoided with proper protection and knowledge.

Protecting your eyes while playing sports is important especially in {contact|high-{risk|impact}} sports such as (can choose a few of the following when spinning: basketball, baseball, softball, cricket, lacrosse, field hockey, ice hockey, squash, racquetball, fencing, boxing, full-contact martial arts, air rifle, tennis, badminton, soccer, volleyball, water polo, football, fishing, golf and wrestling.)

You can prevent most sports eye injuries by using correct protective eyewear suitable to the sport you are participating in. Protective eyewear will keep you safe from injury and will often also  have lenses that shield you from ultraviolet light for outdoor play. Eye wear made specifically for sports is made to withstand certain conditions. Conventional frames and lenses usually don't meet the minimum requirements for impact resistance, which means that a small collision can become a serious sight-threatening injury.

Sports vision goes beyond choosing the correct protective eyewear. Your vision is an important component of how well you play your sport so you need to ensure you have clear vision. If you already wear glasses, you may need protective sports glasses with a prescription that will also help to correct your vision. If you wear contact lenses, you might require a different lens than the lenses you wear on a daily basis. Speak to your optometrist about the best options at your disposal.

All sports have different visual demands and dangers, so let your optometrist assess your unique needs and suggest the correct eyeglasses or contact lenses to maximize your visual skills. This will help you gain the winning edge you need to succeed and enjoy sports safely.

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We hope this message finds you and yours healthy as the COVID-19 coronavirus impacts our community.

Starting 3-18-2020 we will be seeing Emergency Eye Care Visits ONLY. ALL Routine Eye Exams and Routine Follow-up visits are CANCELLED until further notice per CDC guidelines announced 3-17-2020. If you have questions in regards to this statement you may call the office.

If you need refills on contacts, call the office to order a temporary refill to get you by until your next exam. For glasses needs we will be addressing each issue on a case by case basis. The Optical will be open for glasses and contact pickups. We will temporarily be suspending adjustments at this time for the safety or our patients, staff and community.

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